Money Making Opportunites


I originally made a blog post with all these sites but I thought this would be easier for people to find & view. Sign up for any below that interest you!

Upload content (pictures,videos, blogs, links,etc.) and get paid for people viewing it.

Get paid by tweeting or posting on other social networks. You get paid when people click your link.
IZEA Sponsorship Marketplace:

All the following have this in common-you can do offers for points to be turned into rewards(some have more options). Swagbucks, Irazoo, and Zoombucks also have a way to earn by searching. All of them except UniqueRewards & Superpoints will give out codes for more points - Swagbucks & Irazoo give out more based off my experience. UniqueRewards has "click cash" where you click ads and get 1 cent each. They put up a lot and most of my earnings come from click cash. Superpoints has a button you can earn points by clicking it.

The following sites have you watch ads to earn.
♦Jingit: (also an app)
♦YouData(not exactly like the above but it does consist of viewing ads so I put it here):

One of my favorites. Take quick hits/polls, participate in discussions for certain topics(some are brand/company based), and also have sample shares or hosted parties. You actually get samples you must share with family or friends and then complete a report. You also can share your opinion with other members. I suggest if you join, participate in discussions often. Rewards aren't guaranteed but more sweepstakes but if you participate daily chances are you will win some.
Smiley360: Similar to Crowdtap, you get to try stuff but no rewards like gift cards
BzzAgent: No rewards but get to try out products
Influenster: Get to try out products and review them, no rewards. You can leave your email and I'll email you an invite but it's not necessary.

Earn by using Bing.

Take short surveys. Instantcashsweepstakes is 3 questions each and you can take so many every 3 hours. You won't earn each survey but you get tickets entered in the daily sweepstakes and coins you can choose to enter in the $2 sweepstakes they have every 4 hours. Paidviewpoint is longer surveys but still really short(like not even 5 minutes for most I've took) You get 10cents each one you take(trait surveys) but Biz surveys pay out more, they just come up less often. Pollbuzzer pays you $1 for each question answered.

Get paid to review music.

Other sites I'm on. I'm just quickly adding these for now but will put them in more detail later.

♦Bubblews: Write posts and get paid for views, comments, likes, dislikes and social media shares.
ChatAbout: Comment on topics and news discussions, ask and answer questions & complete offers in their bonus section.
 Get paid to review apps both paid and free
PromoDispenser: Get paid to review apps
YouGov: Take surveys
TellWut: Take surveys(more like polls)
CreationRewards: Take surveys and do other offers such as videos and visit websites & shopping
Kelloggs Rewards: Not money rewards but some fairly decent ones. Worth checking out. 
Superpoints: Do offers to earn:
KeepRewarding: Do offers to earn

Apps to Earn On(I have an iPhone so all may not work or be available on other phones)
Peko: Give me your email and I can email you a code. I thought there was one link but there isn't. Also check my Twitter for links to join. By joining under someone you can get bonus points. My Twitter is @Pretti_Mamita
Locately: No referral code
Viggle: No link but leave your email and I can send you an invite, we both receive 1,000 bonus points.
Receipt Hog:
♦SBTV/Swagbucks: See above link for Swagbucks
OfferRewards: Same company(AppRedeem) as AppTrailers. Instead of watching trailers you do offers. Also make sure to check out as well for more to do. 
♦Points2shop: Also can use their website along w/ app
♦JunoWallet/Bamboo: or enter invite code RC26762
♦Checkpoints: and use code mamita
♦LiveToWin: or use code o6tie. This is chance to win prizes or $500 cash daily.
♦PhotoRewards: I'm only able to send invites via Facebook friends.
♦P4RC: I can email you and send you an invite if you want 25 points. This is simialar to mPoints where you earn points playing certain apps.
♦MPoints: play apps and earn points to redeem for rewards
♦AppJoy: and use invite code c12690 to get bonus points upon joining. Download apps to earn. You can also earn for downloading paid apps.
♦Checkout51: upload receipts and get cashback on selected items.
♦Perk Browser/Search/Tv: You can install the browser or chrome extension on your desktop/laptop as well. The best app is the tv app. You can let it run while doing various things and it will credit.
♦QuickThoughts: redeem for $10 itunes cards
♦Panel App:
♦adfun: I can send you an invite via email although I don't think there's benefits although it may make us both friends where we can bid on team items together.
♦ReceiptPal: Just upload receipts from anywhere, no need to have specific items either to upload.
♦Ibotta:  upload receipts/scan barcodes to get cashback on certain items.
♦AppDown: Get paid to download apps & referrals are 3 levels deep. 
♦FreeMyApps: Get paid to download apps
♦TapBounty/AppBounty:  or use invite code when you download mqviige Get paid to download apps
♦Powercoins: You can also earn on their website and do offers on their website. They have some of the same offer walls seen on other reward sites.
Imagoo:  Vote on images (yes/no/; rate or this or that)
Shopkick: Get rewards for shopping, scan barcodes.
Tapporo: or enter invite code: TAPRC44835

I also suggest if you use mPoints to checkout Punchcard, you can upload any receipts and earn mPoints for doing so especially if you are already uploading receipts on on any above reward apps that involve uploading receipts.