Thursday, August 11, 2016

Gillette Venus Disposables Product Review

I was given the opportunity on BzzAgent by Gillette to try their Simply Venus Disposable razors. I received a pack of 4 razors, each of which is a 3-blade razor. The razor also has an easy glide moisture strip with a touch of aloe as you can seen described on the back of the package.

Now I have to shave pretty often as my hair grows quick and it comes in thick and dark. I used these on my legs, underarms and bikini area and with Skintimate shaving cream. For a disposable razor, these do a fairly good job. They worked best for my underarms and I felt I got a pretty close shave in that area. As for my legs, I still received a decent shave but I will say I have used a better razor that gave me a better shave. And for my bikini area, it was not what I am used to but I was still pleased with the results.

Overall, they are good disposable razors and I actually was able to get more than one use but compared to some other razors, they are not the best. I did have to go over some areas to make sure all the hair was removed but other than that, most of the area was smooth. They are comfortable to hold and if you are on a tight budget, I would still recommend giving them a try.

*I received these free from Gillette to try and give my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% my own*

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