Friday, August 1, 2014

Blue Diamond Blueberry Almonds Review

I sent an email to Blue Diamond Almonds when I did not receive my voxbox from Influenster that would have had a sample of the blueberry almonds. They were nice enough to not just send me a pack to try out, but 3 boxes with 12 packs in each. I was not expecting so many but let's just say I was definitely able to try them out as well as a lot of people I know. I even gave an entire box to my boyfriend's family for them to try and the other 2, just kept for my house (I live with my parents) since we get many visitors in and out daily and could give some away to try.

Now I am a fan of both almonds and blueberries so I was expecting them to taste really good and let's just say my expectations were definitely met. They taste really good. Although they are blueberry, I did not find the taste overwhelming like some products that are flavored blueberry. It is just the right mix of blueberry and almond taste that makes you want to eat more than just one. I love salty snacks and I love sweet snacks and with these, you get both.

Everyone who was able to try a pack, loved them. When I brought them over to my boyfriend's house, his family said they were good. Overall I did not hear any negative reviews on them from those that had a chance to try a pack. They are a great snack and I feel healthier than just grabbing a bag of chips.

You can buy a box for yourself on Amazon by clicking here but you can find the packs in various stores.

If you want more information on Blue Diamond's product you can check out the following links:

Blue Diamond Main Website

Blue Diamond Facebook

Blue Diamond Twitter

You can also follow them on Youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Thanks for reading and just to let any readers know, this post does not contain any affiliate links. I do not gain anything by anyone clicking any links within this post. I am simply just sharing my opinion on a great product. I hope you enjoy and I do recommend you buy a bag for yourself to try.

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