Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Crest Be BzzAgent Campaign Review

My current BzzAgent is for Crest Be Toothpaste. I receive 3-0.7oz toothpaste in the flavors Lime Spearmint Zest, Mint Chocolate Trek, and Vanilla Mint Spark. My first impression of these toothpastes were that they would not clean my teeth well and would be like eating candy. Well I was wrong about them not cleaning my teeth but they do taste pretty sweet if you ask me.

Lime Spearmint Zest:

This is a really nice flavor combination of lime and spearmint. Crest really knows what they are doing here and I cannot really say either one overpowers each other as Crest did such a good job at mixing the two flavors. If I had to say I would say the lime is more strong and in a way it does remind me of the taste of a margarita.

Mint Chocolate Trek:

As you can see the name says "mint chocolate" and the way it tastes definitely fits that. If you are a big fan of mint chocolate chip ice-cream, this is the toothpaste for you. I love mint chocolate chip but this toothpaste is really sweet and not one I can see myself using everyday. In my opinion it would be a great toothpaste for young ones (as long as they do not swallow it of course) or anyone who does not like the normal mint flavor. This one really does taste like candy but as I said, it still does the job at cleaning your teeth.

Vanilla Mint Spark:

This one was my favorite one out of the 3 and I believe it is because I enjoy the vanilla flavor. However it is not a strong vanilla flavor in my opinion but a more mild one. This is the one I see myself using the most because of the flavor. The mint flavor was not strong at all which I think is what I like about it the most. This is another I would recommend using with the younger kids who may not like the strong mint flavor or any of the other "kids" flavors.

Overall all 3 are great flavors. They do their job and it is nice to see a flavor that is not the normal mint. If you click on the names of each, it will bring you to the Amazon page (I do not receive any benefits from doing so, they are not affiliate links). As you will see the price is cheap, only $3.47 for a 4.5 oz tube of toothpaste.

If you are interested you can check out more Crest products by going to the following links:

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*I am a member of BzzAgent and I received these products for free in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% my own and I am not paid my BzzAgent or Crest. Thanks for reading!*If interested in joining BzzAgent yourself, please go to their website by clicking HERE to sign up.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Preparation H Medicated Wipes for Women Review

I am a member of Smiley360 and a mission I received was for these wipes. As always I was excited to try something out. I shared a picture of the wipes I received which included a box of 10 wipes and also 5 samples to share as well. I also made sure to share the facts which in case you cannot read it the 5 facts say:

Fact 1: 75% of Americans will get hemorrhoids in their lifetime.

Fact 2: Pregnancy can cause hemorrhoids in 1 out of 3 women.

Fact 3: Hemorrhoids are not gender-, race- or age-specific. They occur in both men and women.

Fact 4: Hemorrhoid symptoms usually go away within a few days, and some people with hemorrhoids never have symptoms.

Fact 5: For some, flare-ups are related to things like stress, diet and constipation.

The wipes smell really good. They are very soothing and relaxing in the way they smell. When using them, they really help out a lot and work really good. I let my sister try them as she deals with hemorrhoids more than I and she said they did wonders for her. I definitely recommend them for those that deal with hemorrhoids especially women who are pregnant because there's a high change after birth you will have hemorrhoids.

I also recommend these wipes for women who just want to freshen up down there. I know sometimes around my time of the month or just when I might have some irritation, I love to use wipes over toilet paper and these really help to make me feel better down there.

Overall a really good product from a trusted brand.

Check out the links to check out more information on Preparation H products:

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*I received these wipes free from Smiley360 in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% my own.*

Friday, August 1, 2014

Blue Diamond Blueberry Almonds Review

I sent an email to Blue Diamond Almonds when I did not receive my voxbox from Influenster that would have had a sample of the blueberry almonds. They were nice enough to not just send me a pack to try out, but 3 boxes with 12 packs in each. I was not expecting so many but let's just say I was definitely able to try them out as well as a lot of people I know. I even gave an entire box to my boyfriend's family for them to try and the other 2, just kept for my house (I live with my parents) since we get many visitors in and out daily and could give some away to try.

Now I am a fan of both almonds and blueberries so I was expecting them to taste really good and let's just say my expectations were definitely met. They taste really good. Although they are blueberry, I did not find the taste overwhelming like some products that are flavored blueberry. It is just the right mix of blueberry and almond taste that makes you want to eat more than just one. I love salty snacks and I love sweet snacks and with these, you get both.

Everyone who was able to try a pack, loved them. When I brought them over to my boyfriend's house, his family said they were good. Overall I did not hear any negative reviews on them from those that had a chance to try a pack. They are a great snack and I feel healthier than just grabbing a bag of chips.

You can buy a box for yourself on Amazon by clicking here but you can find the packs in various stores.

If you want more information on Blue Diamond's product you can check out the following links:

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