Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mars Movie Moments Game-Chance to Win $6 MasterCard

So the Mars Movie Moments Game has been going on since June 15, 2014. With it you can have a chance to win a $6 MasterCard. It will continue until August 10,2014.

It is very easy to enter.

1. Text "movie" to the number 78787.

2. When asked, you will enter your birthday and after you email.

3. After your email, you will receive a message stating whether or not you win.

4. If you win, go HERE to enter the code given as it states in the text.

You can choose to either have it a credit to your cable/satellite bill or as a movie credit. I am not positive which providers are participating so I have been choosing the movie credit when asked.


This is what I have been doing it. It will give you a page with the MasterCard number on it. You can print it but I choose to copy/paste. The card is only valid until August 2014. You may be able to use it elsewhere but honestly I would only try online.

If you choose to do Amazon, you can either search for "Amazon e-card" or to make it easier just go HERE and it will bring you straight to the page. This is not an affiliate link so I DO NOT get any benefit from anyone clicking on it. I am just giving it to you to make it easier to find so you know you have the correct one. It will arrive instantly to your account.

So far as of July 9,2014, I have won twice but will admit I have not been playing since it started. I have not had any problems with using it to buy the Amazon gift cards nor any problems receiving it and applying it to my account.

Hope you all enjoy! Make sure to check out my link on ways to earn money online and on your phone if you are interested in making some extra cash or gift cards.

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