Friday, April 4, 2014

Payment Proofs for the Month of March

So I'm making this post to show you payment proofs for sites I cashed out on for the month of March.

Below is the payment proof for Bing Rewards. I always cash out for Tango gift card and on Tango turn them in for Amazon gift cards. The reason I cash out for Tango instead of Amazon is because they are like 5 points cheaper. If you're interested in joining please CLICK HERE and you can earn just for searching daily.

Below is my cashout on ChatAbout. You can also cash out via Paypal instead of Amazon or pick one of their rewards. Earn points by answering questions, commenting on news discussions or under their topics sections. You can also earn by doing offers and writing reviews or articles under their topics. There is a max amount to earn by commenting/answering, but you can earn as much as you want in their bonus area or by writing reviews or articles. CLICK HERE to join.

Below are my Crowdtap winnings as well as my top 100. Crowdtap isn't a guarantee that you will win a gift card or more and the amount varies. So far as of 4/3/2014, 2 of mine were $5 Amazon gift cards. I've yet to receive the 3rd but I assume it's probably $5 as well. Answer quick hits(polls), participate in discussion and do challenges (photo and text) for brands. You can also apply for sample shares or hosted parties if you fit the demographics the brands are looking for. Right now I'm waiting to hear back from 2 brands to see if I will sample products through them. CLICK HERE to join.

Below is my Perk cashout. They have a browser you can download on your laptop/desktop but also have apps as well. I earn best using the Perk TV app, which is just watching app or movie trailers. You can earn by searching on the browser and there are also offer walls as well. CLICK HERE to join and give it a try. I would probably have earned more for March but I just started getting used to using the app.

Below is my Viggle cashouts for 2 $10 iTunes cards as well as various cashouts via Paypal. As you can see I cashout on Scantopia, Peko(DeNA), Postloop (Royal Media), WinAt9, and Qmee. Just click the names to check them out. For Scantopia, I'd love if you would use my invite code: JV-BGU-Q8 Also for Viggle,if you don't mind leave an email address and I can get credit that way. As of right now they do not have a referral link I can give to readers. Signing up on Viggle through me will get you 1,000 bonus points.

Below is my payment proof from YourWord. They have other gift card options besides Amazon to choose from and $5 is the lowest amount you can cash out. They are a survey site and even if you don't qualify, you will still get money for at least trying. I've noticed I usually get 25 cents even if I don't qualify. Right now they do not have a referral system but will have one in the future. If interested CLICK HERE to join.

Thanks for checking this out. I will try to post payment proofs more often since I know this is the first time. Also don't forget to check out the tab on other sites to earn on which also includes apps. I also have a list of traffic exchange sites to use if you're interested in joining one.


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