Monday, March 3, 2014

Smiley360 Emergen-C Review

So I received free samples of the Emergen-C Supplements from Smiley360. I forgot to take a picture like I normally do and I'm sorry about that. I received 5 samples along with a coupon as well. The flavors I received were Super Orange, Pink Lemonade, Cranberry Pomegrante, Citrus (This was Immune+) and Raspberry.

I honestly don't exactly have a favorite but I will say I did not like the Cranberry Pomegrante as much as I thought I would. The flavors were not all that strong and I tasted more of a vitamin taste more than anything. I really tasted it with the Pomegrante one though. I even had a friend try it and she agreed it tasted like vitamins more than anything. It could've just been it wasn't sweet enough as I did think the Pink Lemonade tasted like watered-down kool-aid. I will say the Pomegrante one reminded me of Alka-Seitzer in a way.

It does work and did make me feel better. It's just the taste that isn't really what you expect but then again it is packed full of vitamins so I had a feeling it may. Overall I had a good experience with the products and probably would  buy them again and just drink to make myself feel better. I do believe I could get used to the taste and well I did see there are other flavors so maybe some of the others will be good.

I would recommend it to try but do expect that vitamin taste with it. It will help you feel better especially if you're like me with bad allergies and you can almost predict when a possible cold might be coming. I will say it helped me through some exams at colllege as well,so if you are in college or know someone, this product could be a good gift to that student.

*As I said, I received this as a free sample from Smiley360. I'm not paid by anyone to do this review and these are my opinions on the product. Thanks!*

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