Monday, February 10, 2014

Kotex Crowdtap Sampling

Through Crowdtap I was able to sample some products by Kotex (U by Kotex). I was given 2 zipper tins, each containing 2 liners, 2 tampons and a GenKnow bracelet. I kept 1 tin and shared the other with one of my best friends.

I thought the tins were very cute and my friend even agreed. We also both pretty much agreed the liners and tampons work great as does most Kotex products. However the bracelets given to us, we found to be cheap as each of ours fell apart. They are cute bracelets but didn't even last a week.

The thing I loved about the tins is that most would not know what's inside. You can carry various items that doesn't technically have to be tampons although they are great for tampons because they keep them from getting smashed.

As for the tampons, the applicator was different than others but in a good way. I've always preferred smooth plastic over cardboard any day. I felt they absorbed better as did my friend who normally uses super and both tampons included in the in were regular.

Overall I had a great experience and my friend loved that she could be included in it. I would recommend U by Kotex to all women out there even if you aren't a fan of tampons. I know some who aren't a fan of tampons but with some brands they are willing to give them a try.

*Crowdtap nor Kotex paid me to write this review. This is my opinion alone. Thanks for reading!!*

Below are some pictures I took from the sample share. ENJOY!

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