Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hershey's Spreads Crowdtap

I tried the Hershey's Spreads sample "Chocolate with Almond". I have tried the original Chocolate and I will say the one with Almond is A LOT better. It's very creamy and smooth. It's very similar to the candy bar but without the crunchy almonds. I tried it with various fruits as well as toast and graham crackers. I even put some on some brownies. The best pairing for  me would have to be strawberries.

My parents really enjoyed it especially my dad who has always been a fan of Hershey's(as have I). Even my nephew and his girlfriend as well as my sister and her husband said it tasted great and they would buy it for their own household.

I've included some pictures I took of the product. I didn't take many of the pairings although I wish I would have.

Thanks so much Crowdtap for the chance to try out such a great product!! I would recommend it to everyone to try.

*Crowdtap nor Hersheys is paying me to do this review. These are my opinions and nobody's else's.*