Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sensible Portions Review

I will be reviewing the above 3 products. They are from Sensible Portions. I won the chance to try these as part of Sensible Portions' Social Toaster Ambassador program. I am not being paid by anyone to review these and the review is all my own opinions on the products.

These are the Garden Veggies Straws with Sea Salt. To me they do not have much flavor to them, are very plain and smell like plain potato chips. They even taste more like plain chips and in a way like french fries. They have a texture similar to fried pork skins. I do think they taste good and would be better with some dip, such as french onion dip. They are not too salty and sometimes I feel a little burn from other chips(maybe from salt?) but did not from these. I really can't describe the "burn" but it's usually around the lips. I even gave one to one of my dogs and they enjoyed the one I gave them lol.

These are the Cinnamon Apple Straws. I forgot to take a picture of the inside of the bag but I did take a picture of what they look like. They look just like the rest do,like fried pork skins. They smell really sweet and taste more like cinnamon in my opinion. They have a very sweet taste and reminded me a cinnamon stick s.We have a taco place similar to Taco Bell called Taco Casa. They have something called "Sopapias" and these really reminded me of them. I didn't really care too much for these but my nephew and his friends(which are around 20 years old) loved them.

These are the Zesty Ranch Garden Veggie Straws. They have a very strong scent unlike the Sea Salt Veggie Straws. Just like the other two, they have the fried pork skin texture as well. They taste good to me and I preferred them over the Sea Salt. In my opinion they are similar to Sour Cream and Onion chips. The dogs even liked these ones as well.

Overall I enjoyed trying all 3 products and I do think they all taste good for being snacks that are suppose to be healthier for you.

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