Thursday, August 15, 2013

Air Heads Bites Review


I meant to do this review(along with others) a while ago and I did try these a while ago but had wrote down the review. I just been busy a lot and haven't had the time to post the review up.

A few months ago I received a message from Air Heads on twitter asking me if I was interested in trying their new candy. As a fan of Air Heads of course I was down to try their new candy so I replied back and told them I was interested and would even do a review for them even though it wasn't required. They were just wanting their fans to try their new candy.

Well as you can see in the first few pictures it came with a balloon and 3 different candies to try. Not only was I able to try them but my mom and 3 year old nephew(who pretty much ate most of the candy, lol). The Xtremes Bites my younger sister also was able to try those but the others were already gone.

Air Heads Xtremes Bites

I'm a fan of the regular Xtremes and these pretty much taste very similar to those. I wish I had took pictures of what they look like but I didn't think about it at the time. The only big difference is these are a little thicker than if you were to cut the regular Xtremes into small pieces. I also found them chewier as well. I found the bag to be a great size and it lasted a while. My mom, sister, and nephew also loved them as well.

I'm going to review these in the same because they are pretty much the same thing just different flavors. They are like little balls(again I should've took a picture) and full of flavor. Just like Air Heads are full of flavor and fruity, these are too. My nephew really loved them more than anything. My mom said she liked them because she could actually eat them with her "bad teeth" as she's always saying. I liked pretty much all the flavors that came in both as so did my mom and nephew. In my opinion this would be perfect to put in stockings or Easter baskets. I even see it being sold as movie theater candy.

I have yet to see them in stores where I live but I have came across the Berry and Fruit on Amazon both for around $21 each and you get 24 packs.

I wish I could add more to the review such as pictures of the actual candy but at the time I didn't even think to take any. All I have to say is it's worth trying all 3 yourself if you're a fan of Air Heads. My mom, nephew, sister, and I had no complaints and we wish we had more. They are full of flavor and looking at the price on Amazon for 24 packs about the average price for candy. I would definitely recommend them to anyone especially kids and kids at heart.

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