Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ready For Love Premiere Review(Spoiler Alert)

I watched the premiere for NBC's newest reality dating show Ready For Love. It was 2 hours long which I first want to say is a little long in my opinion. I'm also sure half of it is full of commercials. I will continue to watch the show until the end since I have a mission from Smiley360 but I honestly want to record it to fast forward through all the commercials. For a premiere I can understand maybe it being 2 hours a long but most premieres have more to show and this didn't. It was mostly nothing but filler.

I do like the idea of the show but I really don't see a huge difference between other dating shows. There are 3 guys and the premiere only featured one, Tim Lopez who is in the band white T's. However the next 2 guys will share a single episode. With each guy they get to choose from 3 different sets of 4 girls but only get to choose 3 of each set only based off what she tells them. I definitely like this aspect. So out of 12 possible girls, the guy ends up with 9 and still eliminates one at the end of the "dates." They also have 3 matchmakers, one matchmaker per set. When it comes to elimination rounds, the matchmakers pick one girl they think should go. Out of the 3 girls the matchmakers pick, the guy must choose one to get rid of. On premiere night, Tim picked one to save right away. Then him and the other two girls went down these "tubes" that remind me of the Hunger Games tubes so each girl can give him reason to why she should stay. He picks one and goes back up the tubes with the girl he chooses. That's basically the quick overview of the show, I'm pretty sure it will go the same way with the next 2 guys.

When it comes to reality shows, I think many are steering away from dating shows unless they are full of drama. The most dramatic part of this show I think would be the friend coming back for a chance at love. However she was the one he eliminated on the first night. Now based off the upcoming shows there does seem to be some drama occurring but I think he should've kept the "friend" but I understand it's his choice and we'll see how things go. I would like to see if there is anymore surprises like exes or friends that never got a chance with the next two guys. Based off the previews it looks like there may be.

I would just like to mention how many dating shows I've seen have been filled with beautiful women and men. This one seems no different. I would love to see a dating show with more average people and not model looking people. It would feel more "real" to me. Also where is the racial diversity? I completely understand maybe guys have a preference but you can't tell me every single guy on a dating show prefers Caucasian women the most. Now this one is more diverse than others but still I think it would be fair to even it out. I have friends from different ethnic backgrounds who watched this and this was the first thing they brought up. Also the guys all look white to me although one may be Hispanic but he's still light skin. I'm pretty sure other guys of different background than European want to be a reality show to find love.

Overall it's not too bad but I don't see it lasting to long. My opinion may change over time as I watch it more but so far it doesn't look good. I was following on Facebook and Twitter and seen a quite a few negative reviews. I just hope in the end these guys end up with girls that want them for them and not their money or looks but just in my honest opinion most dating shows seems like the girls only want the guy for that. I could be wrong but that's just what I think. I just don't see how you can be interested in someone that you really don't know except for what you may have seen on t.v.

Stay tune for a review after each episode, at least I'm going to try to review after each one. I'm sure the others won't be as long since I won't have to describe the show to any readers that may not know.

If you're interested you can check on Ready For Love on the main website, the Facebook page or Twitter.

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