Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Crowdtap Cottonelle Sampe & Share

I just want to forewarn others who read this that this is a post about trying out toilet paper so there may be some that some may say is "tmi" and well as awkward as it may be for you to read, it's just as awkward for me to write about!

I received one 18 pack and two 4 pack of Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper as well as 3 tubs of Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Wipes. The two 4 packs and 2 sets of wipes was for me to share with friends. I chose to share with my oldest sister and my youngest sister. My oldest sister lives with 3 adults one of which has 2 younger kids. My youngest sister lives with 2 adults. As for me I live with 4 adults but we always have people coming over especially my brother(who lives with us) who has 3 younger kids,one who is 3 and potty trained but still needs help with wiping. The reason I shared how many lived with those trying was to give others an idea of just who all would be able to try these wonderful products. Also the adults all vary in age from 19 to 53 but we do have visitors who are younger and older that did give their opinion as well.

My family usually sticks to Angel Soft but sometimes when we're low on money we will buy cheap store or off brand toilet paper. My dad is the type that doesn't really want to waste money trying something new but when this came in the mail, he was very willing to try it out since it was free. When it arrived my oldest sister was already there and she knew one pk and set of wipes was for her. I had to call my youngest sister to come get hers.

I really liked usually the toilet paper and wipes. The wipes made me feel really fresh and I noticed with the toilet paper,compared to what I've used before, I didn't feel the need to use a lot. I even had to blow my nose and didn't have to use a lot there either. Also with blowing my nose the paper didn't tear apart like I've had some do before. Most everyone that tried the toilet paper and wipes agreed it made them feel fresh. I did bring up that the wipes were safe to flush which is good especially when it comes to younger children who may not have learned you can't flush everything down the toilet.

Speaking of younger children I have to share my 3 year old nephew's response. He's potty trained but does still ask for help when it comes to wiping and well my mom as well as his mom still make sure he wiped well enough even if he doesn't ask for help. Before he went my mom showed him the wipes and the first words out of his mouth were "I don't want to use those,those are for babies." My mom explained to them that his Aunt Rae-Rae(what he calls me) got them and they were for adults,not babies. Well he used one and my mom asked him did he need toilet paper and he replied(referring to the wipes) "Why I'm already clean and it's already dried." My mom said it was just so cute and well the girl living with my sister, her kids are a little older but they loved the wipes as well.

I definitely have to agree with my nephew that when you use the wipes, it does dry quick. I know some say they don't want to use wipes because they don't want to feel wet, but I didn't feel this way at all. Also(and this is TMI) the wipes are perfect for that time of the month when you may not feel fresh at all. I know I always would use baby wipes if they were available during this time because I just didn't feel too clean using just toilet paper.

Product details include:

Toilet Paper:
  • 30% stronger
  • Sewer- and septic-safe
  • Fits standard holders


  • Flushable
  • Break up after flushing
  • Sewer- and septic-safe
  • Alcohol-free
  • OneTouch dispensing tub
  • Great for the entire family

Overall it was a great sample and share. I wish I would've taken pictures of my sisters and those who tried them but they were very busy and I wasn't at home when my nephew was there. I would've asked my mom to take pictures but I didn't know he was going to be there that day. You can find the toilet paper and wipes on Amazon or in various stores such as Walmart or Target. Prices vary but in my opinion they are pretty cheap. You can even find refills for the wipes as well.

Website: https://www.cottonelle.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cottonelle

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cottonelle

Thanks so much to Crowdtap for this opportunity. I love being a member of this site and any reviews I share from sample shares or hosted party are purely because I chose to do so. Crowdtap nor the brands participating pay me to do the reviews. If you're interested in trying out products and giving your opinions on them as well as other topics, I suggest you join Crowdtap. It's a great community of people. You can CLICK HERE to join.

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  1. LOL I can understand why you would be concerned if people felt the topic was odd but I didn't. I happen to find it very interesting. Great review and you earned free product you did not need to spend money to buy. Thumbs up.

    I will check out the website. Thanks so much for sharing.