Saturday, December 22, 2012

Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips Review

I was given the chance by Influenster to try out Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips. I will be reviewing it today and just so everyone knows I am not paid by anyone to test out the product or to review it.

The instructions were to use them daily for 20 days, for 30 minutes. There is a strip for both the top and bottom row of teeth. I found it was easier to apply the top strip than the bottom strip but that may be because my bottom teeth are really crooked. Overall I had no problems applying them except when my lips were chapped because the touch of my fingers against my lips made them hurt a little.

There is a weird taste in my opinion and I'm guessing due to the chemicals on the strip coming off. Also I would guess this is why I felt a weird feeling on my tongue as well. I could drink while using these strips without any problems. I could tell the strips were there and it did feel weird to talk with them in. I've never worn a retainer but my nephew tried some white-strips and he says that is what it felt like to him. I noticed more how it felt on my back teeth where the ends of the strip were as well as the back of the teeth themselves.

It says that you will see results as early as 3 days and that was definitely true for me. However by day 9 I started to notice sensitivity and the toothpaste I use is suppose to help with sensitivity but I still noticed it anyways. After completing the process however I don't notice sensitivity as much but since I deal with it anyways at times, I only notice what I normally deal with so basically it only made it worse during the 20 day period but afterwards it went back to what's normal for me.

Overall I am impressed by the results. My only complaint is not all the teeth are covered of course and well I know others won't notice but I can look in the mirror at my back teeth and see the difference between them and the teeth the strip covered. I always thought my teeth were pretty white to begin with but these strips showed me that they could get a little more white.

I took before and after pictures but all of them was with a phone and I will say that you can't really tell by looking at the pictures how my teeth were before or how they were after. I tried my best to capture them just to prove that these strips do work. It says you can use them twice a year but for someone like me I think I would stick to once a year if even that.

I took a look at various sites and these strips can be found online for around $40-$45 maybe more. You can visit their website at for more information on any of their products as well as where to buy them.

Before I end this review remember, " If You're Not Whitening, You're Yellowing." Thanks Influenster and Crest for the chance to try out these strips. I'll be recommending them to many family members and friends.

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