Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dino Lingo Language learning programs for kids

I just got done watching this video from the Influenster(in which I am not paid for doing so) playlist by Dino Lingo along with my nephew and my friend's son.  They both are big fans of dinosaurs so they were instantly interested to see what this video was about. They are already a fan of Dora and Diego so they do know some Spanish and I was wanting to share this video to see just interested they were and they seem to enjoy it.

I can say they both enjoyed it very much and even wanted to watch it again. I'm sure they would love to see more from Dino Lingo as well as I would like to see them watch more. I am really happy to have found out about such a wonderful program.

I chose the Spanish one from the playlist because I feel out of the languages available Spanish would be the best one to learn since there are many people in our community who speak Spanish. Plus it's always good to learn another language and it's better to start as young as possible since as you get older it becomes harder to learn.

With Dino Lingo, language learning programs for kids can be fun and exciting!

Here's a link to the webpage for Dino Lingo Spanish:

*Once again I viewed this through Influester which I am a member of. I do not get paid for reviewing this video and/or product*

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