Sunday, October 14, 2012

Klout Perks

I received these a while back but hadn't really had time to share them. The first one is McDonald's Monopoly perk which was a $5 Arch card. As I am writing this I have yet to use it but do plan to soon. I really do love when McDonalds does the Monopoly game although all I usually end up winning is MyCokeRewards codes, Redbox codes, and different McDonalds menu items. Good luck to all that plays.

This was the link to the perk:

The second one is the Science Diet Ideal Balance perk. As you can see I received the Fruity Snacks(Cranberries & Oatmeal), Jerky Strips, and Veggie Chips(Pumpkin & Yam). My two dogs will eat all 3 of them but highly prefer the Jerky Strips over the other two. If I had to say their least favorite is the Fruity Snacks one which doesn't surprise me at all.

I would share the link but I cannot seem to find it. However do visit the Facebook page for updates and deals on their products.

For those of you who want to receive awesome perks such as this, just go to and sign up today. Just keep in mind your score depends on the influence you have on your social networks so try your best to interact with friends and/or followers. For anymore questions I suggest you visit or go to their Facebook page.

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