Sunday, January 15, 2012

Listerine Total Care Zero Sampling Program Through Crowdtap

So I was lucky enough to get accepted to try Listerine Total Care Zero for Crowdtap. It arrived pretty quickly once it said it had shipped which is always a good thing.

When I first opened the box and seen the bottle, I was surprised at the size we were given. It's a really good size to sample a product for sure but also it would be perfect for traveling. Most bottles made for traveling are too small and the regular size bottles are too big for traveling, but this one is just right. It also fits perfectly on the my sink which is only a sink by itself so there isn't much room for anything.

Besides the size, I also like the shape of the bottle and the color a of the actual liquid. The shape made it easy for me to hold especially since I have small hands. I have used the bigger sized bottles in the past and they weren't really easy to hold especially since I like to pour the liquid in a measuring cup(like the ones that come with liquid medicine). I haven't seen any mouthwash that was this purple color so I think it would be easy to find by color if you were in a hurry and not looking at labels.

The first time I actually used it, I had to smell it first to give me an idea how it might taste. It smells good to me and is not strong as what I'm used to. Since it didn't smell as strong, I assumed that by the smell it wouldn't taste too strong either. It turned out that my assumption was correct. It definitely doesn't burn as bad as regular Listerine does. I still felt a little burn, but at least this time I could keep swishing it around for the whole minute you are told to do so. Also the little burn I did feel, didn't even come on right away but slowly came on. However afterwards, my tongue did have a little "numb" feeling but it didn't stay long.

Overall I love this Listerine. It smells good, tastes good, and feels like it's cleaning my mouth without too much of the "burning" feeling other mouthwashes have given me.

My younger sister, my dad and my mom also tried this product. Out of all 3 of them, my dad is really the only one that uses mouthwash kinda on a regular basis if he can afford it. My mom and sister have never used it much due to not liking the taste(or more the burn that comes with it). My dad(and I) would just deal with the burn. My sister's first reaction was "It's weird" and when I asked her what she meant, she said she didn't expect it to taste good and not burn. Both my parents liked it as well. They both mentioned how when they were growing up, they didn't want to use mouthwash because all there was, was the kind that burns. They said mouthwash has came a long way. My dad liked the idea that there was no alcohol in it. My mom mentioned that it taste good and she loved how afterwords it felt her teeth and mouth overall felt more clean than just flossing and brushing. My family says they would love to keep using Listerine Total Care Zero, especially if there are coupons to buy it.

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