Saturday, December 17, 2011

Other Sites I Didn't Post

Bing- which on there you earn points by searching & sometimes they do other stuff you can earn points like go to another page on Bing. Not much can be earn but it adds up.
Clixsense which is paid-to-click and if you can get unlimited text cashtexts
Cashtexts Get texts sent to your phone. Each text you get gets you 5 cents. Here is from their page how earnings work.
Earnings breakdown on a single text, over 5 generations
Level 0You$0.05
Level 1Bob$0.05
Level 2Sam$0.04
Level 3Jenny$0.03
Level 4Kathy$0.02
Level 5Deepak$0.01
TOTAL: $0.20

*do keep in mind though you probably won't get a lot of money but it does add up*also the calyp things on my blog you can join that too because when ppl click on them(the buy or like) it earns you credit so check that out too if you want. Hopefully some of these will help those interested  out. I will suggest though to do offers on sites(like Swagbucks,Irazoo,etc) get a google voice number if you dont already & if you dont want spam in your email try hushmail (deletes after 3 weeks of inactivity,easy to sign up for) or's a 24 hour temp one) for the emails on the spam. Just sign up with your regular email on the actual sites.*

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