Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lemonhead/SuperFans Sweepstakes on Facebook

This is a $500 sweepstakes on Facebook by Lemonhead. The app is it's through is SuperFans. Besides the overall prize there are also instant-win prizes. Just share your links and get your friends to join or anyone else. You earn points to level up and each time you level up you can do the instant-win prize. Points are earned by sharing your links(and your friends sharing your link), people just clicking the link and viewing(don't have to join) or actually joining.
This is my link->  And hopefully the picture actually turned out so either click the link or the picture. Thanks and good luck to those who participate!

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Lemonhead Superfan?


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Check out this Instant Win Game I'm participating in...

Check out this Instant Win Game I'm participating in...

Lemonhead & SuperFans on Facebook are having a contest. A $500 sweepstakes and also there will be many instant-win prizes given. So check it out! You get points by clicking, sharing or joining people's links! Thanks!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sheer Mineral

Great Protection doesn't have to weigh you down, let's keep a Secret. #Calyp

Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Twitter Page & Calyp

If anyone wants to follow me on Twitter- it's @Pretti_Mamita I will follow back if you want me too.

I also use Twitter for Calyp if I haven't said before that I did. I posted a link to refer people on there & it was suppose to go on here as well but I guess it didn't work out. But maybe it's just slow to show up.

Anyways though for the Calyp ads I post, just click on them and either "buy on Amazon" or "like on Facebook" You don't have to actually buy anything, unless you want to! Nor do you have to actually like the page on Facebook unless you want to as well.  They do expire though so if you click on it, it will say if it's expired.

Other Sites I Didn't Post

Bing- which on there you earn points by searching & sometimes they do other stuff you can earn points like go to another page on Bing. Not much can be earn but it adds up.
Clixsense which is paid-to-click and if you can get unlimited text cashtexts
Cashtexts Get texts sent to your phone. Each text you get gets you 5 cents. Here is from their page how earnings work.
Earnings breakdown on a single text, over 5 generations
Level 0You$0.05
Level 1Bob$0.05
Level 2Sam$0.04
Level 3Jenny$0.03
Level 4Kathy$0.02
Level 5Deepak$0.01
TOTAL: $0.20

*do keep in mind though you probably won't get a lot of money but it does add up*also the calyp things on my blog you can join that too because when ppl click on them(the buy or like) it earns you credit so check that out too if you want. Hopefully some of these will help those interested  out. I will suggest though to do offers on sites(like Swagbucks,Irazoo,etc) get a google voice number if you dont already & if you dont want spam in your email try hushmail (deletes after 3 weeks of inactivity,easy to sign up for) or's a 24 hour temp one) for the emails on the spam. Just sign up with your regular email on the actual sites.*

Friday, December 16, 2011

Sites You Can Earn Rewards On


This is an invite-only site so you must use any links below. They are only good 7 days though. If you need one just comment on this post. You can earn points by the superlucky button which you start off with 5 clicks unless you update your profile completely and verify email so then you can have 30 clicks a day. If you get 2 friends to sign up and get their profile to basic you get 50 clicks and if you can get 5 friends to sign up and get to basic you get 100 clicks. You also get points in your email as well. They do have offer walls which you can even earn more points on and at times there are videos.

Irazoo, Zoombucks, & Swagbucks

The reason I group these are because they are similar. You can earn points by searching and doing offers on offer walls. You can on by playing games on Irazoo & Swagbucks, on Zoombucks I think whoever gets 1st place gets points but you get none for playing. All 3 also will offer codes from time to time. Swagbucks also has SBTV for both web & mobile(if you have android).

Cantbeatfree & Excitepoints

Similar to the above but no wins by searching. They have offer walls. Both the sites are related I believe.


Similar to above but it also has no search wins. It does however have points to win by codes. Check their FB for the codes.

Jingit, Varolo, & Beezag

All 3 of these ask you to watch ads. Although they are all different. With Jingit you have a weekly earning limit. You start off with $5 but can earn up to $10 a week. It increases by referring friends. You can choose to get a Jingit card to spend earnings or spend it on
Varolo has a weekly sweepstakes that I believe stays at $500. You can earn money but only through referrals. Beezag you earn points but must watch the ads since 2 numbers will pop up. Once you get 8000(equal to $8) you can cash out.


Paidviewpoint & Instantcashsweepstakes

Both of these offer short surveys. Instantcashsweepstakes you win at random but also can win if you the sweepstakes they have(A $2 and $50 one). Paidviewpoint is new but so far I've earned on each one I took. I believe it was 10cents.


I'm new to this one but so far it looks like you earn by completeing offers or surveys. They also have where you "click" ads to earn a few cents as well.


Crowdtap is one of my favorites. However you need to make sure you can participate if you plan to join. They have quick hits where its questions that are random but from different brands usually. Webshares also come up which will help you to earn if you get 5 people to click it. You get a $1 from each. They have discussions which the more you participate the higher chances of your winning an award. Also sample shares and hosted parties may come your way if you fit the demographics. However you still have to apply(on some discussions as well) and make sure you are quick before it fills up. Basically if you want to give your opinion about certain brands, I suggest you check it out. Check out Facebook to see what hosted parties/sample shares people have been a part of.

So check out all these if you want. Join them and see how you like each one. So far I enjoy most of them especially after looking at my Amazon balance! Thanks!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jingit-Make money watching ads

Jingit is a site where you can make money by watching ads. You start off with a $5 weekly earning limit thats resets every Sunday. You can increase your limit by inviting friends up to $10 a week. To use your money you can either request a debit card or spend it on music at

Here is the link to join:

*You may not be able to reach your limit due to the site being new & trying to improve on ways to earn. Just remember to check multiple times each each day for ads*