Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Playfoam Pals Wild Animals Review

My son "Lil Terry" as we call him loved playing with these "eggs" (bottom is actually flat), the playfoam, and the animals inside. He loved seeing what surprise animal was inside each one and he instantly wanted to open all up once he realized there was a toy inside. 

There are 12 different animals you can possibly get and out of the 12 eggs, he got 9 of the 12 animals. 4 of the 12 were gold animals. He really enjoyed swapping the heads which he found out was possible on his own. I did not even know it could be done and actually thought he broke them only to find out he did not. 

He also liked playing with the playfoam but did end up mixing the colors which at his age I expected. It's a tad sticky but doesn't make your hands sticky. It also did not make any of the surfaces sticky. He lost the bottom to one of the eggs and the playfoam is still holding up without being inside the egg so I would say so far it is holding up to the "doesn't dry out" claim. 

Overall, we had a lot of fun playing with this and will probably still continue to have fun with it. I do think he enjoys the animals most of all.

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Friday, August 10, 2018

Make $1000 This Month (August 2018)

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With the app Acorns you can. It's available on both iPhone and Android (Google Play) and only for those in the U.S. who are 18+.

  • Get $5 when you join and invest at least $5.
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  • Refer 12 people during August and get the $1000.
  • Minimum cash out is $5. Cash out to the bank you connected to the app.

There is a monthly fee. However if you have a .edu email due to being a student, sign up with that email and enter "student" as your occupation and the monthly fee is waived for 4 years.

Don't be put off by the fee. It is only $1 if you choose the lowest option. You will easily make that back.


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Friday, July 27, 2018

Folding Table With 4 Cup Holders

I received this table which folds up and comes in a bag for easy storage. As you can see this one has 4 cup holders but it also comes in a smaller size with only 2 cup holders. It is very quick and easy to set up and just as quick and easy to take down. It would be great to take camping, hiking or tailgating.

According to the details on Amazon, this one 29.5" x 22" x 21" when unfolded and 30" x 3" when folded.

And that is my 3 year old son's chair, he thinks it's for him and well it is a good height to use as a "kids table" if that's what you want it for.

If interested in buying one go here -> https://amzn.to/2LISWrl

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Prime Day 2018 Deals

Below are three Amazon Prime Day deals that may be of interest to my followers or anyone reading. View the links to see more pictures and share the post if you think any of your family, friends or followers will be interested in. 

Bike Seat & Saddle Cover

Regular Price:$19.99

Code Price:$7.99

Code:  6KV3W2UN


Canvas Sling Shoulder Day Bag

Regular Price: $24.99

Code Price: $14.99

Code:  69PBQ8X5


Fishing Reel

Regular Price: $32.99

Code Price: $27.99

Code:  U2UOI8VN

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

23 Ways to Earn From Your Phone

So I have a few apps I earn on. I will give a quick description of each and if you want more info on a certain one just ask. I have Android so they may not be on iPhone.

ACORNS --- Earn $5 when you sign up with my link. Earn $5 per referral. For August 2018, refer 12 people and earn $1000!! Must make an investment of at least $5.

STASH --- Similar to acorns. Earn $5 when you join. $5 per referral. Earn up to $250.

DOSH ➖ FREE to join, earn $5 per referral that signs up and links a card. You can use Simple with this if you don't want to use your bank. It's also a good cash-back app!

SIMPLE $20 when you join and use the card. It's a bank account, no fees.  $20 per referral that signs up and uses their card.

PAYLEAF --- FREE to join, $5 when you sign up & create a goal, $5 per referral, must link bank account.

VERYDICE --- Once installed, enter code 573208. It’s optional but I’d appreciate it as referrals get you 30 rolls. Everyone starts off with 50 rolls regardless of entering a code. Use rolls for tickets and tickets to get products. All are sold on Amazon & shipping is free. There are many helpful groups that post good deals on items.

TRIM --- Sign up & connect a bank account. (Simple listed here would qualify). Keep it for 2 weeks and get  $3. Get $3 per friend you refer.

MOBILE PERFORMANCE--- Install, let it run on your phone, take surveys they send, usually once a month, doesn’t affect phone at all. Cash out for gift cards from virtual visa to amazon. You get 200 points per referral which equals to $2 (This may vary some get more). They also send out surveys and even you don't qualify you earn a small amount of points and these add up.

PAY YOUR SELFIE --- Take selfies and get paid whatever each is worth. Cash out to Paypal. Get $0.50 per referral

PANEL APP --- Another app you just let run on phone. Take short surveys based off where you go. Doesn’t affect phone. With referrals you earn a portion of what they earn. More referrals, more you earn. Redeem for Amazon, Visa Gift Card, Walmart, or Google Play.

IBOTTA --- Scan receipts and earn money. Cash out via Paypal or Venmo. Use my referral code, 5zmkqw, and you can earn an extra $10 and I will get  $5. They have an amazing referral system. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

FETCH --- Scan receipts, cash out for various items including many choices of gift cards.
Use code MV2BV, you will get 1500 points for doing so as will I.

CoinOut --- Earn by scanning receipts. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

1Q --- Get paid to answer texts. 25 cents per referral. Cash out to PayPal.

fam.ly --- Get $1 signing up. Earn by watching videos & referring friends to do the same. Cash out via PayPal Sign up --> CLICK HERE TO JOIN

VeeU- Get $0.50 when you sign up. Similiar to fam.ly CLICK HERE TO JOIN

Qmee --- Make money doing surveys. This is also something you can put on your desktop/laptop & earn by doing searches. Earn $0.50 when you sign up and cash out through Paypal your first time. Earn $0.50 per referral CLICK HERE TO JOIN

Cash App ---  Get $5 when you join and load with $5. You can also message me HERE and I will help you get your first $5 without you having to load it from another bank. Requires a debit (sign up for Simple if you don't want to use your main debit card)

Mezu --- Similar to Cash App. Get $5 when you send at least $5. Message me HERE and I will help you. I will need a screesnhot of you entering my code & the screen that pops up after. If you can't get a screenshot/picture, let me know what it said after you entered my code.

Empower App --- $15 once 3 friends sign up, $5 after that up to $60. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

APUS --- Earn up to $200 daily. Various ways to earn, CLICK HERE TO JOIN

CHEETAH --- Get $5 for joining plus an extra $1 for using my code: tEhXzUB/jeQ- There are various ways to earn. Cash out to PayPal.

TRUNOW --- Scan Gas Station purchases, $2 when you sign up! $2 per friend once they scan first receipt. Use my code: 52VG98 or CLICK HERE TO JOIN You may still need to enter my code even with clicking to join.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Planning to update this blog!

So as any readers can see from viewing my blog, I haven't been on in almost a year. I plan to go through my earning opportunities and update any that may no longer be around and add some that may be new that I currently use. 

I will update when everything is up to date!


Friday, September 9, 2016

Advil PM Review

I was given the opportunity to try out Advil PM recently. I sometimes deal with headaches at night or the occasional back ache. The headaches can make sleep very hard and sometimes regular pain medicine does not always help.

This were easy to take and worked well for dealing with the pain as well as helping me get a decent night sleep. I wake up feeling good and not like I am hungover like I noticed some "night time" or "sleep aids" tend to do. Overall, I feel it does a great job and comes from a brand I already trust and have used in the past.

*I received a free sample from Crowdtap to test out and give my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% my own.*