Friday, March 15, 2019

Earn up to $4800 a month!

Want to earn up to $4800 a month?

Through March 31, 2019, you can add businesses and refer your friends to do the same for Kidazzler! They will start Phase 2 in April. If you want to earn, you must join during Phase 1!

Earn $10 a month per business that advertises with Kidazzler. Currently, you can up to 55 businesses. 

Earn $2 a month per business that your friends add.

What type of business do you add?

Any kid-related businesses. This includes doctors, dentists, clothing stores, parks, amusement parks, restaurants, etc. You can add any businesses in the U.S. They do not need to be in your area or your state.

How to join?

Sign up using this link-->

Once you're signed up, add up to 55 businesses. I suggest if you have a laptop/desktop, do it that way. Open up Google Maps in one tab and have Kidazzler in another. That way you can copy/paste the information. Start with the phone number. If it's already taken, it will let you know.

Once you've added as many as you want or the max, refer friends to sign up and join as well.

If you have any questions, please send a message on my Facebook page. You can also follow my page for more ways to earn online and also join my work from home group.

CLICK HERE for the Facebook page.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Ways to Earn Amazon Gift Cards

Below is a list of apps and websites that allow you to earn Amazon gift cards. I will not be going into details on how each app or site works, but you can go to the following 2 links to find more info on each app/website. I will eventually review each app on it's own post but you can always message me on Facebook if you have any questions HERE. I just wanted to create this list as I know some people are only wanting to earn Amazon gift cards.

Smartphone Apps



DROP: $5 when you join, $5 per referral; must confirm email & link a valid debit/credit (no prepaid); Sign up here-> If it doesn't automatically input code, use code "6clll" when signing up

MOBILE PERFORMANCE METER: Only for Android, just install and let it run in background, may offer you surveys & even if you don't qualify you get a small amount of points. Sign up here->

FETCH REWARDS: Scan Receipts; Get 2,000 points signing up & 2,000 per friend. (1000=$1) Sign up here-> use code MV2BV when you sign up!

IBOTTA: Scan Receipts; Earn $10 sign-up bonus, $5 per referral; must scan a valid receipt (not an any brand receipt) Sign up here->  Use code 5zmkqw if it doesn't insert it signing up.

VERYDICE: Offers Amazon gift cards but also offers most anything you can find on Amazon; no card info needed, free shipping; Sign up here-> If it doesn't input a friend code, use code 573208; You get 30 rolls per friend you refer. Everyone starts off with 50 rolls regardless of using a code.

VEEU: Earn by watching videos, Earn $2 per friend you invite; Sign up here-->  If it asks for a code use: 8BR3SV8G

APP BOUNTY: Earn by trying out apps! Earn 50 points for signing up under me here--> If it doesn't input code, use code: hchsrnqu. You can earn up to 250 points per friend.

APP KARMA: Get 300 points when you sign up. Earn 30% of referrals earnings from app installs. Sign up using this link -> or use code lilraerae

APP LIKE: Get paid to try out apps! Get 4444 coins when you sign up; Earn 250 for every friend plus 25% of all mCoins your friend earns. You also earn 25% of what your referrer earns as well. Sign up using this link->

APP NANA: Earn by installing apps! Get 2500 nanas when you sign up and 2500 for every referral. Go here to download the app-> and when signing up, use code c12690

APP TRAILERS (PERK): Earn by watching videos; earn up to $10 per teammate. You earn when your teammate earns! Go here to sign up-> or enter code: 733b4b05

CASH KARMA: Similar to App Karma. Sign up here->

FEATURE POINTS: Take surveys, download apps, watch videos. Use my link for 50 bonus points:

FRONTO/MINT: Get paid to unlock your phone!! Enter "Love2Earn" to get 1250 points when you sign up!

SLIDEJOY: Get paid to unlock your phone! -->

PANEL APP: Let it run in background, take surveys when available.

SHOPKICK: Earn while shopping! Use code NICE662206 or download

SWAGBUCKS: This has a website version as well but included it as it has an app too. Various ways to earn from watching videos to taking surveys.

COIN POP: Earn for playing games! You also earn 25% of all coins anyone under you earns and you'll earn 25% coins for any I earn as well.

APP FLAME: Just like Coinpop, earn for playing games, and 25% from your referrer and referrals!

APPSTATION: Just like Coinpop & AppFlame; earn for playing games & 25% from referrer and referrals.

BIG CASH: Various ways to earn. Please Input My Invitation Code 4xoj26cn after installation, and you will get an extra 70 Credits From Me! You can Download it from Google Play here

BITURO: Earn rewards, bitcoins and gift cards by completing simple tasks. Check this out:

GIFTLOOP: Get paid to charge your phone! Other ways to earn as well!


SWAGBUCKS: Various offers/tasks like surveys, watching videos, etc. , as mention in the apps section, it has a website version. Your best earning will be on the website.

INSTAGC: Similar to Swagbucks;

GIFTHULK: Also similar to Swagbucks:

IRAZOO: Similar to above. Start with 500 points with my invite code: 'VSWABH'.

PRIZEREBEL: Similar to above.

YOUGOV: Take surveys;

Friday, February 8, 2019

Turn $1 into $20!! Valid until Feb 15, 2019

Want to turn $1 into $20?

This is NOT some money flip offer, level rewards, or any offer site. 

-Must have a bank to link to (Chime will not work; if you have Simple, it works, they just don't accept prepaid cards)

2. Once signed up and you have connected your bank, make sure you have a goal created. It can be for anything.

3. You will want to transfer $1 from your bank to your goal. This is still your money & you can withdraw it back out. It will take a few days to hit the account but once it does, your $20 bonus will show.

4. Refer friends and earn $20 for all who sign up. You can refer while waiting for your sign up bonus.

If any you have any questions please message me on my Facebook page. I also post other ways to earn as well as have a work from home group you can join if you're from the US.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Sign Up For Status Money! $7 Sign-up Bonus & $1 Referrals

Sign up for Status Money and get $7 when you complete the account setup process.

1. Go here to download & sign-up->

2. Create your account. You must link a bank & credit file to complete the setup process. Linking Simple worked for me.

3. Cash out when you reach $10 to your bank!

4. To refer please send an email to telling them you're interested in the referral program as they just started it. Get $1 for everyone you refer that sets up an account!


*Available for both iOS and Android*

Follow me on Facebook for more ways to earn from your phone and/or laptop as well as various sweepstakes. Also on the page is a work from home group you can request to join that is US only.-->

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Earn $5 When Someone Makes a Phone Call

Want to make $5 everytime someone makes a phone call? It's real simple, just follow the instructions below.

First sign up here: Sign up link

Second: After signing up, look for any of the PayPerCall offers, I suggest the Satellite TV or Pest Control as I have done both (one on this and one on another site). It may reach the limit and if it does just wait until midnight EST for it to reset.

For the offer, you will need to stay on the line for at least 2 minutes. Once 2 minutes is up, you can choose to stay on if you want but you can just hang up and it should credit.

Third: Once it credits, refer others with your link to do the same and earn $5 every time they do so.

You can cash out to PayPal daily and should see payment within 12-24 hours.

If you want to learn of other ways to earn please check out the following links:

Earning with Smartphone Apps: Money Making Apps

Earning with Websites: Money Making Websites

Also be sure to like my Facebook page as I usually post my various ways to earn from time to time as well as various other freebies and sweepstakes: My Facebook Page

You can also choose to join my work from home group, it's USA only and any scammers, I will actually do my job as an admin and kick them out (that's if they somehow slip through being accepted in the first place) Join the group here: Work From Home Group

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Good Referral Opportunity

Hello everyone!

The opportunities mentioned here are in my list of websites you can earn with. Go HERE if you have not see that list. Also I have a list of mainly apps and ways that I know you can do via your phone without issues, that list is HERE if you have not seen it.

You do not make money signing up for these, you only make money for referrals who sign up under you and earn at least 1 credit.

You must get at least 1 credit to qualify for being paid to refer. The way I do it, you will only have to complete one offer (if you choose to do all 3 sites, you need to complete an offer on all 3) and it will be at NO CHARGE for you. You also will not have to use any card info. This applies to all 3 opportunities mentioned here.

Express My Cash Freebies: This one is $20 a referral.


For this offer, I'm suggesting the ProActiv offer.

When completing it, use the following promotional card info to fill it out:

Card number: 4403931476995197
Expiration: 11/23
CVV: 121

Use your info for the rest of the form. Refer others and give them the same promo card to use. This has a daily limit but resets at midnight EST.

Garden Paradise Freebies: This one is $10 a referral


For this one, I suggest doing the Dropbox offer. If it says limit reach, I suggest attempting around midnight EST or early in the morning. I was able to complete mine around 7-8am central time.

Representative Incentaprize: This one is $5 a referral.


For this one I suggest doing one of the PayPerCall offers. For them, stay on the line for at least 2 minutes and then you can hang up.

For all 3 of these, scroll down to where it lets you submit your email. It should say above the submission box that you are being referred.

Finally to cash out, most choose PayPal although you can choose check, direct deposit, or money order (this one has a $100 minimum and only pays out weekly). Besides the money order, the other options pay out daily and have no limit.

If you have any questions just let me know.

Thanks. Be sure to follow this blog for more ways to earn. You can also like my Facebook page HERE. (This is also where I recommend you messaging me)

I do have a work from home group, you can find the link on my Facebook page above.. Keep in mind to be accepted you MUST LIVE IN THE US. I do check out pages before accepting as I'm trying to keep scammers out of the group.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Earn $535 By Referring 7 People to Acorns!

Acorns is offering another referral bonus! This time you will get $500 if you refer 7 people to Acorns, plus you still earn the regular $5 per referral bonus as well.

Those you refer must sign up between 9/01/2018 and 9/15/2018. If you refer enough, your bonus will be paid out by 10/15/2018. Keep in mind that referrals who close their account before 10/15/2018 or make an investment that results in a charge-back, will not qualify for this promotion. Also you must invest at least $5 of your own money and tell your referrals to do the same.

Use this LINK to sign up!

They offer a referral bonus of some sort every month so this is a great opportunity to take advantage of. Last month, they offered $1000 for referring 12 people.

If you are skeptical of this, just do a quick search of "acorns payment proof" or "acorns proof" on Facebook or Youtube and you will see many who have gotten paid.