Monday, January 14, 2019

Sign Up For Status Money! $7 Sign-up Bonus & $1 Referrals

Sign up for Status Money and get $7 when you complete the account setup process.

1. Go here to download & sign-up->

2. Create your account. You must link a bank & credit file to complete the setup process. Linking Simple worked for me.

3. Cash out when you reach $10 to your bank!

4. To refer please send an email to telling them you're interested in the referral program as they just started it. Get $1 for everyone you refer that sets up an account!


*Available for both iOS and Android*

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Earn $5 When Someone Makes a Phone Call

Want to make $5 everytime someone makes a phone call? It's real simple, just follow the instructions below.

First sign up here: Sign up link

Second: After signing up, look for any of the PayPerCall offers, I suggest the Satellite TV or Pest Control as I have done both (one on this and one on another site). It may reach the limit and if it does just wait until midnight EST for it to reset.

For the offer, you will need to stay on the line for at least 2 minutes. Once 2 minutes is up, you can choose to stay on if you want but you can just hang up and it should credit.

Third: Once it credits, refer others with your link to do the same and earn $5 every time they do so.

You can cash out to PayPal daily and should see payment within 12-24 hours.

If you want to learn of other ways to earn please check out the following links:

Earning with Smartphone Apps: Money Making Apps

Earning with Websites: Money Making Websites

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Good Referral Opportunity

Hello everyone!

The opportunities mentioned here are in my list of websites you can earn with. Go HERE if you have not see that list. Also I have a list of mainly apps and ways that I know you can do via your phone without issues, that list is HERE if you have not seen it.

You do not make money signing up for these, you only make money for referrals who sign up under you and earn at least 1 credit.

You must get at least 1 credit to qualify for being paid to refer. The way I do it, you will only have to complete one offer (if you choose to do all 3 sites, you need to complete an offer on all 3) and it will be at NO CHARGE for you. You also will not have to use any card info. This applies to all 3 opportunities mentioned here.

Express My Cash Freebies: This one is $20 a referral.


For this offer, I'm suggesting the ProActiv offer.

When completing it, use the following promotional card info to fill it out:

Card number: 4403931476995197
Expiration: 11/23
CVV: 121

Use your info for the rest of the form. Refer others and give them the same promo card to use. This has a daily limit but resets at midnight EST.

Garden Paradise Freebies: This one is $10 a referral


For this one, I suggest doing the Dropbox offer. If it says limit reach, I suggest attempting around midnight EST or early in the morning. I was able to complete mine around 7-8am central time.

Representative Incentaprize: This one is $5 a referral.


For this one I suggest doing one of the PayPerCall offers. For them, stay on the line for at least 2 minutes and then you can hang up.

For all 3 of these, scroll down to where it lets you submit your email. It should say above the submission box that you are being referred.

Finally to cash out, most choose PayPal although you can choose check, direct deposit, or money order (this one has a $100 minimum and only pays out weekly). Besides the money order, the other options pay out daily and have no limit.

If you have any questions just let me know.

Thanks. Be sure to follow this blog for more ways to earn. You can also like my Facebook page HERE. (This is also where I recommend you messaging me)

I do have a work from home group, you can find the link on my Facebook page above.. Keep in mind to be accepted you MUST LIVE IN THE US. I do check out pages before accepting as I'm trying to keep scammers out of the group.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Earn $535 By Referring 7 People to Acorns!

Acorns is offering another referral bonus! This time you will get $500 if you refer 7 people to Acorns, plus you still earn the regular $5 per referral bonus as well.

Those you refer must sign up between 9/01/2018 and 9/15/2018. If you refer enough, your bonus will be paid out by 10/15/2018. Keep in mind that referrals who close their account before 10/15/2018 or make an investment that results in a charge-back, will not qualify for this promotion. Also you must invest at least $5 of your own money and tell your referrals to do the same.

Use this LINK to sign up!

They offer a referral bonus of some sort every month so this is a great opportunity to take advantage of. Last month, they offered $1000 for referring 12 people.

If you are skeptical of this, just do a quick search of "acorns payment proof" or "acorns proof" on Facebook or Youtube and you will see many who have gotten paid.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Smart Sounds Play House Review #learningresources #brilliantmindsmember

So I recently got this for my son. It is the Learning Resources Smart Sounds Play House. He is only 3.5 years old and I feel this is a perfect starter play house for him. As you can see with the pictures, it has a handle on the top for easy carrying and it can stand up or be laid down. It is thin and the people that come with it are all you can fit in the little rooms. For the most part all doors and windows close but I did notice you need to make sure they "click" or they will open and not stay shut. He did end up also taking a door off but it was easy to put back on.

Each of the 5 doors has some interactive switch, dial or button in it. He figured out what each one does fairly quickly. Overall he has had a lot of fun with this.

If you are interested in buying one yourself you can find it on Amazon for $18.71 (price at time of post, I don't get any incentive for you clicking/buying through link).

Please follow Learning Resources on social to stay in touch with new toys, giveaways and more:



Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Websites You Can Earn Money With

So I already have a post with various apps you can earn money with. Now here are some websites to earn on, many of them are very similar. Some you can access on your phone as well but I personally prefer accessing them on my laptop.

SWAGBUCKS --- One of my favorites. Various ways to earn. Watch videos. Surveys, Offers.

INSTAGC --- Various ways to earn. Another favorite.

IRAZOO --- Various ways to earn CLICK HERE TO JOIN

GIFTHULK --- Various ways to earn. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

GRABPOINTS --- Various ways to earn. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

PRIZEREBEL --- Various ways to earn. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

UNIQUEREWARDS --- Various ways to earn, doing offers, clicking/viewing websites, watching videos. Cash via PayPal once you earn $20 CLICK HERE TO JOIN

INBOXDOLLARS --- Various ways to earn. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

KEEPREWARDING --- Various offerwalls with various offers/tasks to do. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

CASHCRATE --- Earn mostly by taking surveys. They also have videos through various offer walls. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

POINTS2SHOP --- Earn by doing tasks on offerwalls, surveys, downloading apps, etc. Also has an app you can download too. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

PERK --- Various offer walls and other ways to earn. They also have apps you can download as well. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

SLICETHEPIE --- Get paid to review brand logos and music. Cash out to Paypal, min. of $10. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

POSTLOOP --- Paid to post in forums (they have a list, you will have a limited selection until you get your rating up. Withdraw to PayPal, min. of $5 CLICK HERE TO JOIN

GARDEN PARADISE FREEBIES --- Get $10 a referral. You must complete enough offers to add up to 1 credit. There are some worth 1 credit. May need $1 for some offers. Message me HERE for more advice if you want to do this.

EXPRESS MYCASHFREEBIES  --- Get $20 a referral. Similar to Paradise. Please message me HERE for more advice. I do have suggestions that will get you your credit at no charge w/o any card info.

REPRESENTATIVE INCENTAPRIZE --- Get $5 a referral. Similar to Paradise and MyCashFreebies. Just like the other two please message me HERE for advice if you want to do this as I can suggest a FREE offer that doesn't require a card.

LEVEL REWARDS ---  Get $5 for every level your referral gets to. Must complete offers to level up. You cannot get paid for referrals reaching beyond your level until you level up. Do not use prepaid cards for the offers.

PAIDVIEWPOINT --- Get paid to do short surveys (Less than 5 minutes)

YOUGOV --- Answer polls and surveys. Get 2000 when you sign up & complete 4 surveys. Earn 2000 for every friend you refer that completes 4 surveys. The welcome survey is included as part of the 4. Various gift cards to choose from one being Amazon which I know is a favorite of most. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

TELLWUT --- Answer polls & surveys. They offer Amazon & Walmart gift cards. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

LEGERWEB --- Take surveys. Refer friends. They pay $1 per referral that takes a survey and the welcome surveys count. Cash out to Paypal when you reach $20.

GRAND --- Sign up, link bank/card. Get $5 signing up, $5 per referral. Must save at least $1 (You can withdraw)

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Playfoam Pals Wild Animals Review

My son "Lil Terry" as we call him loved playing with these "eggs" (bottom is actually flat), the playfoam, and the animals inside. He loved seeing what surprise animal was inside each one and he instantly wanted to open all up once he realized there was a toy inside. 

There are 12 different animals you can possibly get and out of the 12 eggs, he got 9 of the 12 animals. 4 of the 12 were gold animals. He really enjoyed swapping the heads which he found out was possible on his own. I did not even know it could be done and actually thought he broke them only to find out he did not. 

He also liked playing with the playfoam but did end up mixing the colors which at his age I expected. It's a tad sticky but doesn't make your hands sticky. It also did not make any of the surfaces sticky. He lost the bottom to one of the eggs and the playfoam is still holding up without being inside the egg so I would say so far it is holding up to the "doesn't dry out" claim. 

Overall, we had a lot of fun playing with this and will probably still continue to have fun with it. I do think he enjoys the animals most of all.

#educationalinsights #brilliantmindsmember